Do you ever look at the sky with its sunshine and clouds and think about God's majesty, creativity, and power? David did. He looked at the heavens and saw God's handiwork on display. It caused him to worship God even more and to celebrate the Creator and His creation. It also caused him to stop and consider his own inability compared to God's ability. David was a man's man. He was known as the greatest warrior in Israel during his day, and he defeated the largest of foes with a rock and a slingshot. He had great warriors surrounding him, as well. They followed, protected, and served their king faithfully. David was also a spiritual giant whose heart followed God completely. In a sense, he had it all, but he never saw himself as anything more than a servant of the most High. He understood a principle that we sometimes seem to forget: God is far greater than His creation; He does not need us though we are completely dependent upon Him. Our culture has taught us that we are gods and that we do not need the Almighty; yet when we face something that we cannot fix or control, we suddenly look to Him for healing and help. He is God, and we are not; therefore, we should glory in His beauty and majesty and seek His help in every aspect of life.

Help me, Lord, to enjoy Your majesty, creativity, and power as I look at the heavens. Help me to remember my dependence upon You and turn to You for every good and difficult situation I face in life.