As a follower of Christ, do you ever stop to think how your lifestyle is impacting His reputation? The psalmist saw the reality of it and asked God to remedy the situation in Israel so the surrounding nations would see His power and give Him glory. Do we need that kind of revival in our own lives? Is it time to pray as the psalmist did that God would take away our sinful activities and then bless us abundantly so that others can see His mighty works? Are we willing to give up our sin so that others can truly see God at work in our lives? Sin hinders God's blessings and habitual sin stops them completely. When we truly repent of those sins and turn away from them, then God has the freedom to bless us as He desires. He is not held back by unconfessed sin; therefore, He is free to rebuild His reputation among those I influence the most. Is God's name that important to you? It should be! When God sent His Son, Jesus, to live and die for our sins, He created a reputation that spread throughout the Roman empire. Our sin and lackadaisical attitude toward it have hurt that reputation deeply. Now, God is giving us another chance to rebuild it. He asks us to walk faithfully with Him, and He will do the rest.

Help me, Lord, to repent of any sin that has hurt Your reputation. Help me to live in such a way that You can defeat my enemies, bless my life, and receive tons of glory for it.