How do we prepare our children to live for the Lord in every facet of their lives? The psalmist tells us that we must train them in righteousness and not just expect it to work out. Training is more than just teaching, it also includes a facet of showing them how to walk in righteousness. It is a two-fold action on a parent's part. First, we teach them the truth from God's Word! Then, we show them how to do what we just taught them. This means that we cannot drop our kids at church and then train them to faithfully attend church. We cannot teach our kids that lying is wrong and then lie to someone we do not want to talk to on the phone. We cannot teach our children integrity when our character is obviously questionable. Life does not work that way, and the psalmist knows it. He teaches His kids about Israel's past, their heritage, and His faithfulness and active working on their behalf. He then shows them how His story (history) impacts his present on a daily basis. He is training them to walk faithfully with God by living a righteous life. Why are generations literally falling away from the Lord and His church? Sadly, we are not training them to walk with God faithfully; therefore, they walk away from Him. God is giving us a life-changing challenge. How will you respond?

Help me, Lord, to train my children/grandchildren by teaching them Your truth and then showing them how it applies to my life. Help me to stop thinking everything will eventually just "work out" and start actively training my children and my own mind in how to walk consistently with You.