One of the passages of Scripture that I try to live by everyday is found in Philippians 4:6-7. It tells us exchange our worries for prayers of thanksgiving and supplication to our Heavenly Father. Worry is one of the great foes of the Christian walk. It causes us to focus only upon ourselves or upon the problem we are facing and stops us from seeing God's blessings in the midst of our struggles. The psalmist chooses to walk by faith and not live in despair brought on by external circumstances. He explains how he does this reminding us of all the wonderful things God has done in the past. We sometimes forget that our greatest encouragement can come from God's work at an earlier time in our life. If He worked there, then He will most certainly work in this moment or situation. Are you anxious today? Has stress overtaken you and created a physical, emotional, or spiritual distress? The Scripture tells us not be anxious, and we can only do that if we allow God's past work to impact our current problems. What is your greatest "stress" today? Will you lay at the feet of Jesus and ask Him to deal with it while you praise Him and pray for those with greater needs than yourself? Will you let God's work in the past influence your response in the present?

Help me, Lord, to "be anxious for nothing" but instead to pray with thanksgiving and supplication. Help me to remember the wonderful works You have done and allow those memories to impact my response to today's problems.