How awesome is our God? The psalmist writes this beautiful song about the greatness and grandeur of Yahweh. He wants his people and the surrounding nations to understand that His power has no limits and His prowess outwits the greatest of enemies. This is the God we serve and worship. He is so worthy of both yet we sometimes feel lazy or mischievous and leave God on the sidelines for extended periods of time. This should not be if we claim the name of Christ. This awesome God sent His only Son to this earth so that He could take on flesh and blood and live among His creation. He goes even further and sacrifices that Son on an old, rugged cross to pay the debt for our sin and to open the doorway to heaven for all who will believe. Suddenly, our laziness and mischievousness seem inappropriate and shameful in light of the awesomeness of our God. The psalmist challenges us to faithfulness in corporate worship on Sunday and to private worship on a daily basis. These keep us tuned into God and just how awesome He really is.

Help me, Lord, to faithfully attend corporate worship and assert myself into daily worship. Help me to see, hear, and know Your awesomeness on a daily basis.