The psalmist sends a powerful warning to his people and to the surrounding nations. He tells them that God is in control, and He determines the ups and downs of individuals, families, and nations. He has our final appointment already scheduled and will bring it to pass in His perfect timing. Our God is sovereign and in complete control even when it seems that everything is out-of-control. Our God reigns on high and is more than able to not only create this universe, but sustain it and help it flourish under His gentle touch. We serve an awesome God yet we try to take control of our lives thinking we can make appointments without God and succeed in them. This, of course, is our pride talking. As you walk through this day, you can do so in pride and haughtiness, or you can do so in humility and faith. One will lead to destruction and a fall while the other will lead us to the best in life -- living right in the center of God's will. This is where we are safest and enjoy the greatest blessing. Taking the throne of my life never turns out well and sometimes the consequences are permanent. Let God have the throne today and walk faithfully with Him. He will not fail you!

Help me, Lord, to set aside my control and my plans and to listen closely to Your Spirit as You guide me. Help me to rest in Your Sovereignty and to trust Your plan no matter where it leads.