Does it ever feel as if your life is falling apart and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it? This psalm helps us walk through those moments with a new understanding of our God and His plan. The psalmist does not complain necessarily, but he is clearly concerned about the future. He reminds God of His incredible works in the past, including parting the Red Sea and taming the massive creatures of the sea. He also remembers that God is the God of day and night and of summer and winter. This is the God that causes the sun to rise everyday and the moon to come into view as the sun sets. He has done all that which means He can repair what we have broken and strengthen us when life tries to beat us down. God is more than faithful and more than able, but sometimes He chooses to wait even when we want Him to remove life's challenges immediately. God does not work on our timetable which means we must learn to walk by faith. Trusting God gives us strength and comfort during those fateful attacks of the "evil one." Do you trust the Almighty as the psalmist did? He could see the destruction and devastation of his homeland and still believed Yahweh was the only hope for His people and for this difficult time.

Help me, Lord, to trust You even when my world is falling apart. Help me to live in victory over the "evil one" and find refuge and strength in Your presence, power, and promises.