What is the greatest accolade a parent could ever receive? It comes when you realize that your son or daughter have taken on your spiritual walk in their own personal relationship with Jesus. This psalm is written by David's son and successor, Solomon. It reveals the young man's deep spiritual walk and his faith that sounds exactly like his dad's. Solomon seeks to praise the Lord even when his enemies are on the attack, and he trusts God to defeat them and bring peace to the land. This sounds vaguely familiar because we have heard it regularly throughout David's writings. Is that not what we want for our kids? We want them to watch us follow Jesus and then emulate that walk in their own lives. Sadly, we are more prone to teach them to sin than to teach them to serve a risen Savior. We struggle with some kind of sin and then we are shocked when our kids struggle with it or something similar. Somehow, we expect them to be stronger than us or more spiritual than us. That is a rarity! Kids lives as we teach them to live, and they only truly thrive when we teach them to walk daily with Jesus. David passed on some of his best traits to his son, and Solomon thrived in his position as the new king of Israel.

Help me, Lord, to pass on my spiritual walk to my children. Help me to train them in Your Word and in Your way so they can have a personal relationship with You and thrive in the life You have called them to live.