David attributes his strong faith to a godly upbringing that allowed him to know God from the day of his birth. David grew up with Yahweh at the center of everything he did; therefore, it was not a big stretch to follow Him as an adult. I admit that I am constantly amazed at the children of those who really tried to raise them "in the nurture and admonition of the Lord." Sadly, many have not stuck with their roots and have ventured into worldly rebellion that riddles their lives with drama and chaos. Why would any young adult/adult make that decision? I think Kyle Idleman gives us some powerful insight. He was speaking in a church and during the invitation a "man's man cowboy" responded with tears that his daughter had no desire to live for the Lord, and it broke his heart. The cowboy explained it this way, "We raised our daughter in church but not in Christ." That, my friends, is a powerful statement. Church does not change a person's heart; Jesus does. When we focus all of our attention upon getting to church every Sunday but not living as the church throughout the week, we are setting our kids up for failure. They see the hypocrisy and want nothing to do with it. As a matter of fact, it becomes their justification for leaving the Christian life behind for "greener pastures." David learned that his whole life must be centered around the Almighty from his mom and dad. His godly upbringing inspired his faith in the midst of the fiercest of battles.

Help me, Lord, to raise my children in You not just in church. Help me to live everyday in such a way that they can see You working and moving in and through me.