Saturday, June 15, 2019
Psalm 69

I love how David responds to the drowning feeling he describes in verse 1. After issuing his concerns to the Father, the king then determines to praise the Lord in the midst of the trials. He prays and then he praises God continually. He does not try to manipulate God with bigger offerings or fatter sacrifices; instead, he chooses to praise the Lord no matter what is happening around him. Do you ever feel like you are drowning under responsibility and/or debt? Does it seem like the whole world is against you? If so, it is time to praise the Lord. In those moments when worry dominates our thoughts and anxiety creates all kinds of physical woes, we must choose to praise. When I am singing praises to my God or simply laying those praises before His throne, I do not have the capacity to worry or fear. I am focused completely on the sovereign God of this universe and not upon my minor problems that have no bearing on eternity. I am in no way trying to demean your problems today, but I am reminding you that God has given a choice to His kids. We do not have to respond like everyone else does; instead, we can choose to praise the Lord in the midst of the storm. Will you give it a shot today? Test and see if praising God throughout the day eases your anxiety and fear. God is able to do that and so much more in your life, will you give Him the chance?

Help me, Lord, to stop living in worry and stress and start every day praising You. Help me to try You and see that praising You in the midst of the storms of life will end my anxiety and fear and transform it into faith.