In this psalm, David challenges us to praise the Lord no matter what is happening around us. Praise Him for His past work, His present work, and even His future work, because God is faithful and good in what He does. The king knows where all victories come from. He does not praise his military might or his wealth; instead, he praises the One who has provided those blessings and so much more. He celebrates God’s chariots knowing they are a tool God uses to bring victory to our lives. He fights our battles and we should celebrate that. We sometimes forget that many victories are “small” in nature, but are so needed in our daily lives. Every time the bank account balances, He deserves our praise. Every time a spouse or parent makes it home safely from work, He deserves the praise. Every time the car starts or the water turns on or the weather is beautiful, He deserves our praise. What if life seems to take a left turn and suddenly I cannot praise Him for the victories because there are none? David’s challenge is praise Him in the wonderful and the difficult times. No matter what is happening around me, Yahweh deserves my praise. Victories will happen and until they do, we must praise the Lord. Will you make this a day of praise no matter what happens in your life? It will change your day and your attitude throughout it.

Help me, Lord, to praise You for every little and big blessing today. Help me to stop fretting over what I do not have and start celebrating all that You have given me.