David starts this psalm with a phrase I have quoted many times at the end of cards or even while serving the Lord’s Supper. He says, “may the Lord be gracious to us and bless us and make His face shine upon us.” I find it interesting that David says these words and then explains why he wants God to do that. He wants the people of the earth, outside of Israel, to know about God’s ways and His salvation. In other words, these blessings from God are not just for my enjoyment in life, but are a testament to God’s love, power, and grace to the world around us. They reveal to the world just how compassionate and generous our God really is. David longs to see people throughout the world worship God, not just his fellow Israelites. He believes that when a nation puts God at its center, it will prosper and thrive, because God is going to receive all glory for what He is doing. People will not be able to deny God’s beautiful work among His followers. Are you walking closely with God? If so, are you experiencing God’s goodness and generosity? Our God loves us so much that He cannot help Himself. He wants to pour out His blessings upon His people, and He will gladly do so for all those who choose to follow Him. Walk with Jesus today and enjoy the blessings for doing so, but never forget the ultimate goal is to let others see just how awesome and incredible our God really is.

Help me, Lord, to enjoy Your graciousness and blessings and may Your face shine upon me today and everyday. Help the people in my world to see Your work in my life and choose to follow You because of it.