I am currently reading a book entitled, Killing Kryptonite, by John Bevere. Last night as I read, I was reminded that when I am in “planned sin,” my mind is being deceived and I struggle to see or remember how great God is or to remember the life He wants to give me on earth. David reinforces that thought when he tells us that we cannot harbor iniquity in our hearts, because God will not hear us. The opposite is true, as well, because we cannot hear Him. David clearly did not struggle at this point in his life with “planned sin” or habitual sin; instead, he recognized God’s goodness and sovereignty over all the earth. He praises God for the past, the present, and the future, because he knows Yahweh will not fail him. When we walk in the Spirit, our words are always laced with praise and thanks. We cannot help it; our hearts are tuned to Him and when that happens, we supernaturally spend our time worshiping the Almighty. Take a quick inventory...how much praising have you been doing recently? How many times did you stop yesterday and just celebrate what God has done? Did you even once say “thank you” for all that God has given you? If not, what is missing? David reminds us that this is a normal part of a Christ-follower’s day. Sin and selfishness will destroy that in us; therefore, today, we must trust that “His mercies are new every morning,” repent of any known, planned sin, and lay all our worries and fears at Jesus’ feet, and take a new step that includes praising God for who He is and thanking Him for all that He has done.

Help me, Lord, to run from the sin that strives to steal my praise and worship. Help me to seek You with my whole heart and enjoy times of praise and thanks for who You are and for how great You are.