Is the term “self-made man” accurate? Can we actually make ourselves smart, wealthy, or beautiful? Education, industry, and science have tried to take the credit for these successes, but every story is different and many do not fit into the box those entities create. As you read this psalm, it is evident that David gives all the credit for everything he has and does to God. As the king’s mind wanders to the immense power that Yahweh consistently displays and the creativity that He reveals day-after-day, he can do nothing but give God praise and glory for it. We are not the thinkers that we used to be. As Americans, and sadly, as Christians, we have chosen to listen to other’s ideas instead of actually thinking through what God has said or the legitimacy of what we am hearing. We allow ourselves to be indoctrinated by the culture that surrounds us, because we do not think. Would you stop long enough today to think about what God has done as Creator? Would you consider giving Him the credit for all that You have? God is not interested in self-made men; instead, His focus is on faithful, godly, humble men and women. He will “make” us whatever He desires, but He is looking for that person who will stop trying to dictate to Him what is right and wrong and who will actually listen to His voice and obey. Will break the trend in your home or at your office and take some time to think about the God that you serve? Will you give Him the glory He deserves for the incredible life He has given you?

Help me, Lord, to stop and consider who You are and the great work You have done in my life. Help me to give You the credit for everything I see and experience today, because it is all from You and for Your glory.