Does a verbal attack have the same impact as a physical one? In this psalm, David is not facing a battle with weapons; instead he is facing a battle of words. The king knew that he could most likely defeat any enemy he fought in a face-to-face battle, but words can destroy a reputation even when a person has done nothing wrong. We have witnessed that in our political system for years, and sadly, some of us have experienced that personally, as well. People can use words that will destroy trust, faith, and hope for the future. They can use them to confuse us and to cause us to veer off God’s best for our lives. Words can change the course of a day, a week, a month, or a lifetime. They have that much power especially in a culture that thrives on the devious and deranged. It “sells” as the advertisers say, and we see it and do it without remorse. Again, David seeks the Lord and asks for protection against their words. He asks that God will turn the lying words of his enemies against them so that their scam will be revealed to all the world. He knows that God can easily confound the wise and destroy those who seek to destroy His beloved. He trusts God to protect him through this battle and to help him come out the other side stronger and gaining more respect from his people.

Help me, Lord, to trust You as David did when people use their words to tear down my reputation. Help me to seek You in those moments instead of trying to defend myself or to hurt the one who has hurt me.