David’s proclamation that Yahweh is his God reminds us that David actually thirsted for God’s presence. He sought His will above all others and trusted God fully for protection and provision. David understood need especially when he ran from Saul knowing the king wanted to kill him. Yes, he landed on his feet, but what did he have to face before doing so. He understood thirst; therefore, his call to thirst is real for him. He deeply desires the presence and power of God in his life. As Christ-followers, the Bible clearly tells us that we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us. We do not have to seek His presence, because He is already present in our hearts and minds. Sadly, most followers never give Jesus the opportunity to “fill” them and then use them for God’s glory. We love our “fire insurance” and even show up at church every so often to thank Him for it. This is not commitment, and it is not the Christian life. When you and I receive the free gift of eternal life by grace through faith, we are given a new desire, a new longing for God. We want to know Him and we want to serve Him. David had that desire and though the Spirit did not reside in him as He does after the resurrection and ascension, he worked hard to stay right in the center of God’s will. I pray that as you worship today, you will allow the Spirit to fill you and use you to bring absolute glory to God Almighty.

Help me, Lord, to stop seeing my salvation as “fire insurance.” Help me to have that deep desire for Your presence and Your power in my life.