David loves God and knows that He is the key to success in life. Even while under attack from his enemies, the king tries to keep his priorities in order starting with the Almighty. He feels the strain of war and wants to enjoy God's peace in his heart and mind. Is that possible? Can we rest in the shadow of God's wings while we are under attack? From David's perspective, we can. This king had valiant warriors and a long history of victory of his enemies yet he still places all of his trust in God. On many occasions, we would rather trust our instincts, or our bank account, or our good looks more than we trust God. We assume that because that has been enough in the past; it will be enough in the future. Sadly, we are mistaken. Our faith must be focused upon God, because He has proven Himself to be faithful through all the difficult paths we have trod. He is all that we need. When the next problem arises, where will you turn? Will you turn back to your normal, "natural" plan, or will you look to God who will use the natural and the super-natural to get the job done? We like to fool ourselves into believing that we are trusting God, but we then employ our natural skills to solve the problem We never give Him the opportunity. I suspect this is why the Scriptures are full of verses that focus on waiting. Will you wait on the Lord?

Help me, Lord, to rest in the shadow of Your wing today. Help me to stop trying so hard to correct all of my problems and lay them at Your feet believing that Your peace can reign in my heart even when my world is falling apart.