It is a cloudy day in our part of Maryland this morning. It is easy on a morning like this to let melancholy rule your thoughts. This psalm reminds us that life is about more than feelings. We can feel insecure, and we can feel unsafe, but faith reminds us that our security is not found in our surroundings but in our God. He is our safe place on this earth. That does not mean we should not be careful and take precautions to protect ourselves and our family, but it does mean that we must learn, as David had to, that feelings will lie to you. They are not always the most faithful companion. When God truly enters the picture, feelings take a back seat to faith. I no longer depend upon the weather to make me feel okay, because I now have God’s Word as my guide, and the Holy Spirit as my Comforter. When God tells me that I am His son or daughter, I can believe that and allow that to dictate my feelings for the day. When faith rules, He stops the rollercoaster ride that our emotions lead us on and helps us enjoy an even, peaceful day-to-day walk with Him. Feelings tell us to survive each day, but faith tells us to thrive. This is God’s heart for His kids. He has called us to walk by faith and not by feelings. David learned that lesson on multiple occasions in his life, and so will we.

Help me, Lord, to give faith the freedom to rule my feelings today. Help me to live in light of Your truth and not according to the weather or the circumstances that this day brings about.