David has no problem showing his feelings in the music he writes. He is clearly a person who "feels" everything which means he finds great encouragement and happiness when God gives him victory in a battle. He, also, feels a deep despair when he loses battles due to his own sin or stupidity or due to someone else's. He weeps over the attacks his enemies make upon his people, and he celebrates when those people stand up for themselves and fight. Many men hold their emotions in, but David let them flow freely. I suspect writing music and poetry gave him an outlet for those feelings that threatened to be bottled up inside. It also revealed his deep faith that struggled with the problems he faced but never cracked under pressure. He always believed that God would protect him and provide for his every need. Do you have that kind of an outlet for your emotions and for your faith? Sadly, many take their emotions out on their family creating a tension in the home that is difficult to navigate. One day, everything is peachy and the next it is almost scary to walk in the door. As Christ-followers, we must find people we can trust and talk to about our struggles. We must also have a strong prayer life where we are free to express our worries and fears to the only One who can truly help. You are not alone! David is a perfect reminder of that truth!

Help me, Lord, to find ways to express my fears and worries. Help me to depend upon others and keep my focus upon You and Your ability to handle what I cannot.