We can be tempted to read a psalm like this one and feel as if it is just another rant David is making about his enemies. In truth, the soon-to-be-king faced many threats before and during his reign. He had people watching him with the goal of killing him and getting a prize from the king. That is a pretty scary place to be and David put his fears and feelings on paper for us. The one truth we must remember as we read these types of psalms is that God used every single one of these problems to make David the man He created him to be. These were not random problems that had no purpose; instead, they were real problems that made him more of what the Almighty wanted him to be. As we look at our own lives and our own problems, we must begin to shift our focus away from the problem itself and onto the One who is allowing us to face this problem. When that happens, I am more apt to search for the reasons behind the problem instead of focusing on the my hurts and heartaches. If God is using these problems for my good and His glory, then I can know that I still have some growing to do. My faith still needs to be stronger, and my stamina in the midst of the battles needs to be tougher. Problems help build those spiritual muscles that are needed in ministry and in everyday life. Stop complaining about where God has you at the moment and rejoice that He is still refining and preparing you for future ministry. Start looking for the lessons in the midst of the storm and then apply them to your life.

Help me, Lord, to see my problems from Your perspective and rejoice that You are still working on me. Help me to start looking for those lessons that You are teaching me through my current struggle and to apply them to my life.