David struggles with the reality that heathens prosper while the righteous suffer. He knows that God is the great “I Am,” the Sovereign of this universe, but he still struggles because in his mind, the righteous should prosper and the heathen should suffer. Do we have that mindset, as well? We can easily go there as we struggle to pay our bills or weep over our children’s poor choices. God reminded me this morning that their success is just a facade. It will not last throughout eternity, because it is fleshly and earthly. He also reminded me that success is defined in many different ways. If we only subscribe to the world’s definition of success then we will struggle with doubts and worries. If, however, we allow God to redefine success in our minds, it actually changes our whole outlook on life. David wanted to see his enemies, the heathen, suffer, and he wanted to rule over them. In our flesh, we all understand the king’s desires, but when we are filled with the Spirit, God can give us a heart for those we should despise and help us pray for those who seem to triumph even in their sin. True success will be measured in heaven not on earth; therefore, our focus should be on each person’s soul and its readiness for eternity. If we live there, we could care less about a person’s wealth or standing in the community. Will you allow God to redefine success for you today? It will radically change your outlook on life and give you a heart for those you used to despise.

Help me, Lord, to define success according to Your definition and not according to the world’s. Help me to be filled with Your Spirit and focused on the souls of those You bring into my life today.