We have some little birds that have built a nest in the wreath on our front door. Since we have a glass “screen” door, we can see them grow and mature. It is fascinating to watch their development and to watch the dynamic of mom and dad with their babies. Through it all, mom and dad are always close by bringing food and protecting them from unknown enemies. They literally hide their young “under the shadow of [their] wing.” David is being attacked by Saul again and sees himself as that little bird who can do nothing on its own. He knows that he lives under the shadow of God’s wing and is thankful for His protection and His provision in life. Under that shadow, David can worship freely and live in peace even when strife is constantly standing at the door trying to break in. Again, the psalmist sets a strong example for us to follow. Today will be filled with many challenges and hopefully a few successes, and the truth is we struggle to stay afloat physically, emotionally, and spiritually. How then do we stay faithful? We do so because we exist under the shadow of His wing. My success today does not depend upon my education, intelligence, or bank account, because it fully depends upon my walk with God and with His consistent work in and through me. When I live under His wing, I do not worry; instead, I am free to grow and mature and live as God called me to live. One day, our baby birds will fly away, but until then, they will be safe and secure under the shadow of mom and dad’s wing. May we choose to live in that same way today.

Help me, Lord, to always remember that I am “under the shadow of Your wing.” Help me to surrender this day to You and watch You work through my challenges to bring even greater successes.