As Christ-followers, we are more apt to trust every person we meet without really getting to know them and their motives.  We assume since a person walks in the door of our church, they must be okay.  David reminds us that we must careful who we trust and guard our hearts from the undo stress of betrayal.  The king tells us that this person who is now trying to hurt him was a close confident and advisor; someone he trusted fully.  Sadly, this person knows David better than others which gives him an advantage over his prey.  We constantly think this could never happen to us, but in truth, it could happen at any moment.  People are people, and the truth is we do not always know what they are thinking; therefore, we must examine their lives and try to get to know them before we begin to trust them.  This is an important lesson for a person like me.  I have zero discernment when it comes to people I meet and their motives.  My wife says that if Satan, in bodily form, came into our church that I would shake his hand and tell her how great a guy he was.  Thankfully, God blessed me with a wife of unbelievable discernment who helps me to understand people’s motives and plans.  God is teaching me daily to listen to her wisdom which is from Him and follow it.  Now, we must all heed the warning and love the people God brings into our lives with the understanding that they could hurt us if we trust them too quickly.

Help me, Lord, to trust You fully and completely because You are always faithful and always good.  Help me to learn discernment and to trust only after taking the time to get to know someone and their motives in life.