David is again under attack.  People he does not even know are after him which means he does not know who the good or bad guys really are.  He turns to the Lord asking for deliverance from his enemies believing that only God can do this grand feat.  It always amazes me that David is considered one of the most valiant warriors in the history of Israel.  The women at one point would chant “...Saul has slain his thousands, but David has slain his ten thousands...” as the men came home from battle.  This fierce warrior taught the other great warriors in Israel and inspired a force of fighters who served him faithfully.  This same man is now on his knees asking for God’s help.  This is a powerful lesson in humility and meekness.  David could have stepped into this situation and used his warriors to defeat his enemy, Saul.  He could have easily created a coup that would remove the current king and install David as the new king.  This, however, was not God’s plan for David; therefore, he waited until God opened the door for his coronation and stayed on his knees asking for His protection.  We, too, can “fix” many negative situations in our lives, but God does not always want us to step in and do so.  We must seek His will by starting each day on our knees before Him.  We must know His will before acting and trust that He will accomplish His will as He sees fit.  We cannot control every moment of our lives or of our kid’s lives; therefore, we must give it to the Lord and trust Him to do what is for our good and His glory.

Help me, Lord, to start the day on my knees seeking Your wisdom and direction ahead.  Help me to release the reigns of control and trust You to handle each situation I face today.