Can a person truly say “there is no God?” I guess the real question is: can they say it and actually mean it? If we do live our lives with the idea that there is no God, does it change our perspective on life, love, and eternity? It has to, because He is the author of all three. That mindset also seems to create an unexplainable paranoia. The phrase that caught my attention most was the one dealing with dread. It surprised me to think that people today dread things that they do not need to dread. We create possibilities or expectations about a situation or a person and then begin to dread that situation or that person before we ever experience them. We actually create drama that was never there in the first place. Do you dread the day ahead? Why? Can God not take the most uncomfortable confrontation and make it something good and life-changing? Do you dread getting into or sustaining a relationship? Why? If God is at the center of your life and your relationship, then all things can and will work together for your good and for His glory. Do you dread eternity? Why? God has made a way for each of us to spend eternity with Him in heaven. Those are powerful words, because David reminds us several times in this text that there is no one righteous (or right with God.). Without God, there is much to dread. When, however, He is at the core of your being, you have nothing to dread, because He goes before you preparing the way and fighting your battles before you ever enter the scene.

Help me, Lord, to stop creating dread where there is nothing to dread. Help me to walk in faith and trust that You are going before me and fighting my battles before I ever face them.