David is writing about his nemesis, King Saul. He knows that Saul continually talks badly about him trying to destroy David’s reputation while building up his own. He also knows that Saul’s focus is more on destroying those who disagree with him rather than learning to be disagreeable. David also knows that Saul’s days are numbered and that his time on the throne of Israel will end abruptly. Sadly, we meet Sauls each and every day. They are people we work with or live next to who are completely unconcerned with our reputation or even with trying to be “neighborly.” How do we respond? We should never stoop to their level and follow their lead; instead, we understand who we are dealing with and love them anyway. While they may be a nuisance at the moment, their days are numbered. We rest in God’s plan and not our own and stop planning their demise, because God is our Vindicator. We also remember, as David did, that we are the “olive tree” in this situation. That phrase can also mean “fresh” or “thriving” which reminds us that God is not finished with us. We are striving to walk in His ways and to honor His name in all that we do and in all that we say. After the naysayers are gone, we will still be alive and ready for all the wonders that God has in store for us. David knew his day was coming, and he waited patiently through all the negativity to get to it. Hold tight my friends! God is not finished yet.

Help me, Lord, to love those who persecute me. Help me to hold tight to You no matter what is happening around me knowing Your plan is in place, and it is perfect.