Sometimes forgiveness is the hardest truth to accept.  The Spirit convicts us of sin and guides us to the truth, and the Father forgives us through the work that His Son did on the cross.  In other words, when you and I confess our sins, He will forgive us.  He will create a “new” hearts in us, and He will restore the joy that is lost when sin abounds.  David is bereft of himself, because he understands the depth of his sin.  He feels as if his own bones have aged exponentially under the crush of sin so he comes to the Lord asking for His complete forgiveness.  He does not depend upon himself nor seek peace from another external source; David simply bows his knee to the Lord and confesses his sin.  In that moment, the king was forgiven.  God’s forgiveness was complete meaning David was no longer found guilty of those crimes.  The real battle is not God’s forgiveness of our sin, but our own forgiveness of the stupidity we succumbed to.  If the Almighty can deal with our sin and continue a relationship with us, then we must learn to let it go, as well.  Life is too short to live it in guilt and shame especially when we live under the new covenant that was created through Christ on the cross.  Stop living under the guilt of sin; confess it to the Lord, and He promises to forgive.  The longer you hold onto it, the worse the conviction becomes and the more difficult it will be to forgive yourself.  If sin and its guilt are a constant companion, then today is the day to enjoy God’s incredible forgiveness.

Help me, Lord, to confess my sin when I mess up and accept Your complete forgiveness.  Help me to stop holding tightly to the guilt of my sin and trust that Your forgiveness is more than enough for me.