I have not preached at Faith for the last three weeks.  During that time, the church has done beautifully.  Sermons have been preached, the needs of the sick have been met, and the day-to-day activities in our office continue on.  Sometimes, it is a tough lesson to learn, but the truth is someone else can do what you do.  You and I are not irreplaceable.  It is a sad reality that many believers think that the church will fall apart if they are not present.  They believe God needs them to worship Him, but the undeniable truth of this psalm is that God does not need anything from us.  He loves for us to worship Him and He loves for us to be faithful to His Word, but He does not need that to complete who He is.  The psalmist tells us that God does not need the bulls and goats required for a sacrifice, because He owns everything the earth has to offer.  He loves to receive those sacrifices and acknowledges His pleasure in them, but He does not need them.  Why is this so important for us today?  Our greatest calling in life beside bringing glory to God is to remain faithful in the life that we live and the work we do for the Lord.  He can choose to move or replace anyone at any time, but until He does, we must stay faithful to His call right where we are.  We must stop believing that we are irreplaceable and begin to rest in the truth that God is using us as He sees fit for whatever season He chooses.  He is the One who is irreplaceable!

Help me, Lord, to stay faithful to the work You have called me to do.  Help me to stop thinking I am irreplaceable and start seeing how blessed I am to be used by You.