Do you see how David's prayer in this psalm actually builds his faith? He is once again asking God for deliverance from his enemies. As he does so, the tone of the psalm changes completely, and David basks in the victory that his Lord will provide because he asked for it. How can a person go from one extreme to the other? The simple answer is faith. David not only believed that God heard his prayer, but that He would act upon it and bring deliverance. That is an incredible amount of faith yet the Bible tells us that faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains. Faith is a powerful force in our lives that impacts our attitudes, actions, reactions, and words. Faith pushes us closer to the Almighty and farther away from fear. The world loses much of its luster when I walk by faith, and my enemies seem much smaller and weaker than before. Do you have that kind of faith? Do you truly believe that God can take care of everyone of your enemies? As you read the Bible, your faith grows, because you see exactly what God can do to your enemies and every other issue you face in life. Are you a man/woman of faith? Prayer is one way to get there. Will you take your burdens to the Lord, lay them at His feet, and trust Him to deal with them as He sees fit?

Help me, Lord, to pray daily knowing that it will build my faith. Help me to trust that You are loving and able to deal with my enemies and meet my every need.