As God’s people, we must stop comparing our lives to those who have rejected Jesus as Savior and Lord.  Their lives may look more enticing and fun, but in the end, culture leads them to devastation and eternal death.  God has a rich and wonderful plan for your life that is not based upon health or wealth, but upon the awesome work that Jesus did at Calvary.  My success has nothing to do with me and everything to do with Him, because He lives in me and loves me unconditionally.  Those who depend upon their success and riches will ultimately leave it all to someone else.  Those temporal things will never enter into heaven’s gates; therefore, our focus needs to be on those enteral beings who are in desperate need of a Savior.  As a Christ-follower, you might struggle to pay your bills or to keep life balanced, but Christ in us changes everything.  He gives us hope for a bright and joyous eternity.  He brings peace to the chaos, and He ends the drama.  He stops the voices that tell us we are failures or unworthy.  He makes life worth living!  As you journey through this day, focus your attention on thriving not just surviving.  Find some way to make an eternal impact upon someone’s life and forget about what you do not have compared to what others do.

Help me, Lord, to live today with the overwhelming reality that You live in me.  Help me to thrive today not because I am something special, but because You are everything special in my life.