The psalmist writes about the city of David, Jerusalem.  He wants the people to remember the incredible works that God has done to get them to this point in their history.  God has built His own city through His kings, David and Solomon.  It is a beautiful city filled with everything its inhabitants could ever want or need.  It instills fears in those who try to attack it, because God is its protector and King.  He also mentions the highlight of the Jewish capital, the temple of God.  We call it Solomon’s temple today, because he was given the honor of building it according to God’s specs and directions.  It is the centerpiece of the city and a means for celebration among God’s people.  As the Jews rebelled more and more against God, this stronghold began to show some cracks.  When God departed the premises, the Bible says the people did not even know it because sin was rooted so deeply in their hearts and lives.  All that was built, including the temple, was eventually destroyed and the people were taken into captivity because of their rebellion.  Do you see the difference that God makes when He is invited and affirmed in a moment, a situation, or even in a family?  As Christ-followers, our Jerusalem is our home, the place where we should see God constantly working in the most amazing and wonderful ways.  As parents, we have the incredible responsibility of keeping our priorities straight personally so they are also right in our home life.  God must be center stage.  When He is, we shout His praises as we watch Him work, but when He is not the center, we watch as our family falls apart.  This is not a game!  It is our future.  Which one will you choose?

Help me, Lord, to invite You into my home and my familial relationships and affirm Your presence everyday.  Help me to give You center stage in my life and in my home trusting that You will protect and provide for us as only You can.