How long has it been since you clapped your hands in church or in your personal quiet time because God was so real and so close you could not help it?  The psalmist is at that point in his life.  He is rejoicing that His God is King of all the universe.  This God who has led His people out of captivity and led them to a land He promised them.  He looks back and rejoices.  He looks forward and rejoices.  He celebrate this awesome God that he serves.  Celebrating God seems to be a lost art.  We are so consumed with looking or acting a certain way to impress others that we forget we are in corporate worship to impress God.  He should be the total focus of our individual and corporate worship.  While we never want to be a distraction to others, not do we want our services to become chaotic, we must be free to celebrate what God has done.  When He heals, we must celebrate.  When He provides, we must celebrate.  When He rebuilds something that is broken, we must celebrate.  As God’s people who have been blessed so immensely, It is time to clap our hands in celebration of all that God has done.  This only happens when the right person is sitting on the throne of our hearts and lives.  The key to this psalm is God’s position in this writer’s life: He is King.  When He is king of our lives, we could care less what others think, because He is our focus.  We have no choice but to celebrate Him.  Celebrate the awesome God that you serve today and let others know just how great He really is!

Help me, Lord, to celebrate the marvelous works that You have done in my life and in my family.  Help me to keep You on the throne of my life and to serve and worship You my King.