My heart breaks to see so much rampant sin in our culture today.  We celebrate it like a holiday and encourage it in every venue our society can offer.  This also creates great temptation within the church, because it looks so fun and appeals to our flesh.  The psalmist, however, gives us a different spin as he brings God back to the forefront of our thinking.  He reminds us of where our priorities lie and how desperately we must seek after God first and foremost.  He alone can give us victory over temptation and destroy our greatest fears.  He is able!  Here lies another struggle we have with priorities: we want everything immediately and are normally unwilling to wait on anyone, including Yahweh.  We think that movement and action will fix any problem when in reality much of what we face is unfixable in the natural.  The psalmist reminds us to “be still and know that” He is God.  How long has it been since you obeyed that commandment?  When we are still, we can hear God’s voice and see Him at work.  When we are still, He gets all the credit for whatever happens, and we grow in our love and respect (fear) for Him.  God will not fail you, but He may take much longer than you desire or anticipate, so “be still” today and just know Him as God.  Let Him take care of everything else in His perfect timing.

Help me, Lord, to “be still” today.  Help me to make You my first priority each day and to wait patiently for You to move in and do what I could never do.