Have you ever felt as if God was far away and unwilling to answer the least of your prayers?  The psalmist clearly felt just like that and struggles with why God has seemingly abandoned him.  He looks back to all the amazing work God did for his forefathers.   He defeated their enemies, split the Red Sea and the Jordan River, and led them through the wilderness and into the Promised Land.  He also takes an inventory of his own personal life.  He knows that he and his people have stayed faithful to the Lord and have not worshiped the false gods of the nations surrounding them.  In other words, they have done nothing to cause this withdrawal yet they watch as their enemies defeat them in battle and threaten to overtake their promised land.  They are not thriving economically as a nation, and they have little recourse, because they depend fully upon the Lord for victory in battle and for sustenance from their fields.  As a Christ-follower, we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us; however, it is easy to feel abandoned or unheard in our daily walk with the Lord.  The key is faithfulness.  Every challenge has an incredible lesson for us; therefore, we cannot quit when He seems silent; instead, we must stay faithful and wait upon Him.  He will break the silence in His perfect time and the lesson will be applied to your life.  This is how God works, at times, so be ready and stay strong no matter how He responds.

Help me, Lord, to stay faithful even when it seems that You are quiet or unconcerned.  Help me to find strength in Your past works and to wait patiently for a lesson to be applied to my life.