For a Christ-follower, reputation is everything.  If a pastor or church leader “loses face” by some horrible decision or moral failure, he/she loses everything that is needed for ministry to be effective and life-changing.  When, however, false accusations and lies hover over our life or ministry, then suddenly we are ready to fight for what is right and true.  The psalmist reminds us that our greatest Vindicator in this life is Yahweh.  He defends us against all false accusations and uses them to build our faith.  The psalmist turns to God’s Word for guidance and comfort in the midst of his struggles.  He is confident that God’s Word is truth and that it will help him make wise decisions and will turn the negativity into something good and right.  This difficulty drives him to his knees, because he knows that he cannot fix this situation on his own.  He needs God to guide him and to encourage him even as he struggles.  Even this is part of God’s plan and can be used to create greater discipline and a stronger faith.  God can use it for your good and His glory, so let him.  Stop trying to vindicate yourself and let God step in and do something awesome.  Humble yourself before Him and watch Him do the miraculous in your life. 

Help me, Lord, to stop defending myself against the false accusations that Satan constantly tosses at me.  Help me to trust You to handle those difficult moments and to find peace in the midst of my struggles.