Have you ever been so thirsty that you could not think of anything else but water?  The sons of Korah use this theme to describe our desire for God.  A deer is only focused on one thing when it gets thirsty.  Nothing will deter it from finding a stream of water to quench its greatest need at the moment.  Can you imagine having that kind of passion for knowing God and living for Him?  Just as David did, these writers do not try to describe a perfect life with no problems; instead, they tell us that our enemies will still attack and problems will continually pop up even when we passionately seek after God.  They are definitely not preaching the gospel of health and wealth.  Their goal is set our hearts on a journey to know God and to enjoy His presence throughout the struggles of life.  When He is given His proper place in our lives, the rest of our priorities seem to slide into their proper place.  When certain areas of our life seem to be off the grid, it normally means that we have lost that passion for God.  We must return to this psalm and remember our great need to thirst after the Almighty.  He must dominate our thoughts and guide our actions throughout a day.  Walking in our flesh will never honor God and will create all kinds of problems in our lives.  Just as that deer thirsts after that stream of water, we must learn to thirst after God with our whole hearts.

Help me, Lord, to thirst after You with my whole heart.  Help me to put You as the first and most important priority in my life so the other priorities can take their proper place.