Have you ever felt as if everyone was against you?  I suppose most of us have experienced that in our teen years, but what about as an adult?  David is struggling with the idea that the people who are speaking positively to him face-to-face are also talking badly about him behind his back.  He admits that he is not perfect, but struggles with the thought that people would try to destroy his reputation.  We know that it is part of human nature to put others down so we can feel better about ourselves.  So how do we handle this issue when it comes our way?  As a follower of Christ, I must learn to let God fight my battles for me.  That is exactly what David is trying to do.  He asks the Lord to go before him and to deal righteously with those who are trying to slander and defraud him.  He does not attack people or repay them with the same actions; instead, David turns to Yahweh and asks Him to handle it in His perfect way.  Why do we struggle to do that?  It takes humility on our part.  We must part with the pride that tells us to fix it ourselves and rest in God’s ability to do what we never could.  This is a huge step in our faith, and one that we must take if we are going to be like Jesus.  When the Roman soldiers took Him captive, He never once fought back; because He trusted His Heavenly Father to place Him right where He needed to be for whatever purpose He had.  He is the ultimate example of humility in the midst of persecution and meanness, and One we must learn to follow.  

Help me, Lord, to follow Your example and humble myself before You when people ridicule me behind my back trying to destroy my reputation.  Help me to trust You to deal with those people in Your perfect time and in Your perfect way without anxiety or stress on my part.