What does God want most from us?  David’s words have to convict us for he tells us that God does not desire sacrifice and offerings; instead He wants a deep, abiding relationship with us.  We like to think that we can check off a few boxes and God will be pleased and life will be good.  Nowhere in the Bible, do you find boxes or check marks, because God desires so much more than rote actions that have no real meaning and make no real impact upon the world around us.  I go to church and check the box.  I put money (even a tithe) in the offering plate and check the box.  I help teach a class or serve in a ministry and check the box.  The Scriptures continually tell us that those should be normal responses to a love relationship with the Almighty.  We do not have to check any boxes, because Jesus has already checked them for us.  David alludes to the future Messiah in this psalm and again reminds us that He met every requirement that the Father made for man to be forgiven and sin to be completely erased from our lives.  Then we come to Him with our worries and fears and trust that He will handle each of them perfectly and completely in the proper time.  God wants you!  Stop trying to do something to make Him happy.  If you know Jesus, He is as happy as He will ever be with you so focus on building that strong relationship with Him.

Help me, Lord, to love You with my whole heart, soul, and mind.  Help me to stop trying to please You with works and focus more on building a strong, lasting relationship with You.