David is deeply concerned for his nation and for their lack of spiritual discernment. They are being deceived and have followed false gods instead of Yahweh. The people of Israel have forgotten just how good God is and are now trying to replicate His goodness through idols. Can money create a strong marriage or bring incomprehensible peace to your life? Can pleasure ensure your kids will grow to make a impact upon their world? Can popularity create a strong work ethic or transform your life? These are the modern-day gods that so many serve -- money, pleasure, and popularity. David's words still ring true; they will never accomplish what they promise. God, on the other hand, has already accomplished what He has promised and now we can live a full and completely transformed life because of it. When God's "face shines upon us," our hearts are filled "with greater joy," and we are free to sleep in peace. How much sleep have you lost over the years because you put something ahead of the Almighty? David's challenge is simple: when Christ lives in us, we enjoy an abundant life (John 10:10), abundant worship, and abundant ministry for His honor and glory. Stay focused on Jesus and forget about those distracting forces of evil in this world.

Help me, Lord, to live in complete dependence upon You, because nothing else can replicate Your goodness and grace towards me. Help me to rest well, live abundantly, and make an incredible impact upon the people You have called me to serve.