As Americans, we can take for granted many of the incredible freedoms that we enjoy in life.  We also seem to have this idea that we will live forever.  Through the years, David learned to see life from a completely different perspective.  He asks God to show him the number of his days.  He understands that life is fleeting, and he wants to use his days in the best way he possibly can.  He gives us a life-changing challenge: to use each day for God’s glory.  David lived each day to the fullest even when his enemies were on the attack.  He did not walk in fear, because he walked by faith.  He understood that he could never take that challenge without God’s help.  We must understand the same.  Walking by faith is impossible if God is not in the center of it, and we will never use every day in the best way possible without the Almighty involved.  We face too much temptation and too many challenges in life to stand on our own.  We need His steadying force in our lives, and we must choose to walk by faith no matter how scary the situation may be.  This is the life God has called us to live; one where we do not take our days for granted and strive to always use each day for His glory.  Does that sound like a life you would want to live?  

Help me, Lord, to stop taking my days for granted and to start seeking Your best in all that I do.  Help me to remember that my days are numbered and to live them all to the fullest.