This psalm is such an incredible reminder of how good it is to walk daily with the Lord.  Our God loves to bless His kids, but He is often limited by our inability to walk in His plan for our lives.  We get so consumed with our own agendas and with our future that we seem to leave God and His plan for our lives on the sidelines.  We seek Him when we need Him, but otherwise, He just stays in His “place” making no real impact.  This stops Him from freely blessing us and giving us the desires of our hearts.  We have to understand that God is gracious, but He is also just.  He cannot and will not bless a person who is walking in the flesh and trying to do everything on his/her own.  It just will not happen.  If you claim Jesus as Savior then He also has to be Lord.  Obviously, His lordship grows in our lives as we grow in our faith.  When He is not Lord, He is limited in His ability to pour out His goodness upon us.  David tells us in several different ways that God loves to give us the desires of our heart, but we must commit our way to Him and trust Him with all our hearts.  Once we commit and trust, we see His blessings poured out on our lives in incredible ways.  That does not mean we will not struggle in life, but living in His will guarantees a good result in the end.  Will you commit your way to the Lord and trust also in Him?

Help me, Lord, to commit my way to You and to trust You with all my heart.  Help me to see the difference You make and to enjoy Your wonderful blessings on my life.