David fully believes in God’s ability to protect him from the snares of his enemies.  He talks about their tactics to dig holes and conceal them to capture an enemy.  He asks God to send his enemies into those holes so they will no longer be a threat to his existence.  David sees God as a warrior; One who can do anything that is needed to protect His people.  Do we have that kind of faith?  We may not face physical enemies like David did, but we definitely face a spiritual enemy who is always out for blood.  He uses deception and temptation to draw us away from God and then hangs us out to dry so that our testimonies are destroyed and our impact is lessened.  This, my friends, is a real battle, and we must fight by faith believing God can deliver us from our enemies.  He is our warrior God who is greater than our greatest foe.  He can use Satan’s tactics against him and can stop the attacks before we ever face them.  This is the awesome God that we serve.  Will you admit this morning that God is your only salvation?  Will you seek Him when the battles get heated and all hope seems lost?  Will you seek Him daily in preparation for the attacks that will come?  This is the life of faith and the absolute belief that our God is able.

Help me, Lord, to seek You with my whole heart when life is peaceful and when the enemy is on the attack.  Help me to enjoy the incredible salvation You died to give me.