When people say the Scriptures are not realistic, I always wonder if they actually took the time to read them.  When you read the psalms, you do not get some idea that life is ideal or that we will ever experience perfection while here.  As a matter of fact, the Bible clearly reveals the imperfections of her characters and writers.  David does not hide the truth that the righteous will suffer greatly on the earth, nor does he try to hide his own emotions when he is under stress and anxiety.  The Word explains the “ups and downs” of life and teaches us how to handle them while in a relationship with Yahweh.  Yes, that relationship changes how we relate to our problems or stressors, but it does not try to remove them from the equation.  Jesus lived a perfect life and still suffered greatly, and the Bible clearly tells us that His followers will suffer, as well.  If you want to see real life, read the Word of God.  It will not leave you wondering; instead, it will show you how to walk through those valleys without falling apart and losing everything.  David learned these valuable lessons through his own trials.  Will you?

Help me, Lord, to learn from the harsh and difficult moments in life.  Help me to live in relationship with You knowing You change how I interpret my problems and how I handle them.