David returns to praising God, because He is so good!  He finds hope in Yahweh and knows that His plans are always going to lead to the best in life.  He truly believes that God’s blessings will sustain him in the difficult times in life; therefore, his hope is in the Almighty.  He knows that Israel enjoys God’s blessings and that alone has made them a world power under his rule.  He understands that work is difficult and war is harsh, cruel, and seemingly unending, but he also acknowledges that God is their help and their strength.  Have you come to that same place in your own life?  Do you trust God’s plans more than your own?  Do you enjoy God’s blessings upon your life and celebrate all the good that He brings?  This is the life God has called us to live.  This is the path the Lord has challenged us to walk.  As followers of Christ, we have an opportunity to enjoy God’s best in our lives even when trials seem to be never-ending.  We have Him by our side 24/7, and we live by faith and not by fear.  This is the place God wants us to dwell in.  This is the life He has called us to live.  As you walk through this day, face every battle and every victory with the same exuberance knowing that God is in the midst of it all and that He will bless in both situation!

Help me, Lord, to find hope only in You!  Help me to find Your plan for my life and walk in it each day knowing You have many blessings for me to enjoy during the wonderful and difficult times in life.