This is one of two of David’s laments over his sin with Bathsheba.  In it, David bears his soul to the Lord admitting his faults and celebrating God’s forgiveness.  He admits that when he harbored sin, he felt as if his bones would completely fall apart and could barely move or do anything of significance.  David admits that he made huge mistakes and knows that his only hope for forgiveness comes from Yahweh who covers his sin with an animal sacrifice with fore-knowledge of Jesus’ death on the cross.  It is fascinating to see David almost dancing in relief as his sins are forgiven and his relationship with the Almighty is restored.  How long have you been harboring sin in your own life?  Do you agree with David about the ramifications of doing so?  It took a prophet from God publicly confronting the king to get him to repent and turn from his sin.   What will it take to get you to the point of repentance?  God loves you too much to leave you where you are, especially when you are residing in sin.  He will do whatever is needed to get your attention and draw you to repentance.  David’s restored relationship with God brought him greater joy than the sin he harbored for a period of time.  I believe that will always be true for God’s kids.  Repent today, my friend, and enjoy God’s restoration.

Help me, Lord, to confess my sin immediately so as to stay in close fellowship with You.  Help me to celebrate, as David did, Your forgiveness and restoration.