David continues to praise God as his Refuge and Strength. He understands the importance of dependence when it comes to his relationship with Yahweh. We also see in this psalm one of Jesus' last statements on the cross: "into Your hands I commit my spirit." It is one of the greatest statements of complete surrender found in the Scriptures. David looks at the size of his enemies and sees their military might and has to turn his attention to the Lord, because otherwise, he would live in paralyzing fear. He believes that the Almighty has a wonderful plan for his life and for the nation of Israel; therefore, he trusts that God will prove Himself in every battle and in every act of faith. Do you place that much confidence in God? It is a real struggle, because we believe to some extent that we are responsible for our well-being. We are too anxious to wait upon the Lord's provision so we move forward in our own strength believing we can do it on our own. This American ideal steals our freedom to depend fully upon the Lord and causes us to miss many of His incredible blessings. We must follow David's example and admit that we are not able, but God is. He can do it!

Help me, Lord, to depend completely upon You for wisdom and direction in life. Help me to stop long enough to allow You to prove Yourself in our lives and in our churches.