As you read through these psalms, many of them are praises in response to God's work in David's life. When he wins a battle, God gets the praise. When his family is doing well, God gets the praise. When his nation's economy is strong and its borders are safe, he gives God the praise. This is man who understands exactly where all of his success comes from. Others celebrated David's successes, but the king praised God for each one of them. In a culture that is filled with boasting and bragging, would a person who gives all the credit and praise to God stand out? Oh yeah! If you want to have the maximum amount of impact, start giving God all the glory and praise for the good things happening in your life. We normally take the glory and question Him when we suffer. Reverse the trend and boast in the Lord when life is good and when it is a struggle. It will radically change your thinking and help others see the difference that Jesus makes. When you experience your next success, will you take the credit or will you praise God for what He has done?

Help me, Lord, to give You all the praise for the successful and the difficult moments in life. Help me to make an impact by giving the credit to You instead of taking it as my own.