David reveals his complete dependence upon the Lord. He is being chased down by his son, Absalom, and ten thousand soldiers. After years of peace and calm in Israel, David is once again on the run, and he knows exactly where his hope lies. He asks for God's protection, for God's provision, and for God to keep His promises. This is a powerful moment in David's life, because it reminded him that his only hope is Yahweh. His throne has no guarantees, nor does his money or his successful past. He is learning what our Faith family has been learning from Colossians: "Christ in you, the hope of glory." Until I am completely dependent upon Jesus, who lives inside of His followers, I am going to struggle with fear, anxiety, and stress. When, however, Christ is my life and not just part of it, I enjoy victory over those issues and many more. David understood it. He turned directly to Yahweh when difficult times hit. Why? It is only because he already had a relationship with God before the problems started. As you face the trials and tribulations of life, can you honestly say that you were completely dependent upon the Lord before the stressful, anxiety-laden issues occurred? God can use those difficult times to renew our faith and our relationship with Him, but He would rather that we seek Him in the good times so He can walk with us and strengthen us through the difficult ones.

Help me, Lord, to depend fully upon You just as David did. Help me to know You so intimately that I can freely cry out to You in times of duress and difficulty.