David teaches us how to worship in this psalm. He starts his worship with a recognition of and an admiration for the Almighty. He does not hold back in his praise and reminds us that worship should be from the heart. He consistently remembers God's incredible works in his life, and it spurs him to worship and praise. I love David's desire to "worship Him in the beauty (splendor) of His holiness." We are literally to worship God for being unique, for being different, for being more powerful, more creative, and more awesome than any other god. How long has it been since you stopped to praise God in "the beauty of His holiness?" When our worship is only focused on what He has done, we miss the mark, because our adoration is the most important part of our praise. David continues by talking about the deeds that God has done in his life. We must start with praise for who God is, but that should lead us to praise God for what He has done. We need both to enjoy a well-rounded, God-honoring worship. In the midst of this worship, David never asks God for anything. While that, too, is a normal part of worship; we must stop seeing prayer as a way to get stuff and begin to see it as a way to lift up our God and to truly worship Him. May we learn from David how to worship our God in a manner that brings Him the most honor and glory.

Help me, Lord, to worship You in the "beauty of Your holiness." Help me to focus my prayer time on You and not just upon my "grocery list" of needs.