David gives us insight into his views on his earthly existence and his eternal one. He starts by asking God if he can "dwell in the house of the Lord" forever. In a world, where people seem to run from church, this is truly refreshing. God has given us the local church as a place for worship, fellowship, and ministry. It should be our favorite place to go every week, but we have created so many other priorities that have stolen our joy of worship. In truth, church is just preparing us for our eternal home. When David adds the word "forever," he reveals that his focus is not just on earthly worship, but heavenly worship, as well. He wants to dwell in God's house throughout eternity, because he loves to worship the Almighty and spend time with His people. David also depends fully upon the Lord in the present day. He walks by faith believing God will deal with his enemies and bring beauty from the ashes of war and hatred. The eternal is on his mind, but his focus stays upon the earthly, because that is where God has him at the moment. It is a narrow path that God has called us to walk on, and we need to have a two-fold focus in life to stay on it. When the world becomes overly attractive, we must focus on the heavenly. When the everyday struggles of life hit home, we must focus on the present and walk by faith through the storm.

Help me, Lord, to have a two-fold focus in life. Help me to stay in the present as I face hardships and difficulties by faith and as I minister to those around me and help me to keep an eye upon eternity for that is where my worship will never-end.